• Person unrolling a Pilates mat

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pilates suitable for someone with scoliosis (curvature of the spine)?

Yes, pilates is suitable for many different spinal conditions including scoliosis. You are always encouraged to work at your own level/ability and your Teacher will observe and correct your technique if required. You would never be expected to do any exercise which causes you pain.

I am a complete beginner and I had a baby four months ago, is pilates suitable for me?

Yes! As long as there are no complications following your pregnancy and you have had your 12 week postnatal check with your GP. You will be fine to start a beginners class. Pilates is an excellent way to start exercising again as it is low impact, we do a lot of exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor as well as building core strength to help you get back into shape after your pregnancy.

I have just found out that I am pregnant and would like to start Pilates, is it suitable for me?

It is not recommended that you start any new exercise programme if you are pregnant, but as long as you are fit and well, you can continue any exercise programme that you have been undertaking. It is best to wait until at least 3 months after having your baby to start pilates as a beginner.

I have been doing pilates for 3 years and have found out that I am pregnant, is it ok for me to continue with my classes?

Yes! Please ensure that you tell your Teacher straight away about your pregnancy, as there will be certain adaptations and modifications that you will need to do to keep you safe and well in our group sessions.