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  • Pilates classes for over 40s

Stourbridge Pilates mat classes

Flow Pilates at The Studio, Glove House, Bradley Road, Stourbridge DY8 1UX

Welcome, we love Pilates at Flow Pilates! We love to share our passion for Pilates in Stourbridge with others and to see the amazing transformation it brings to people’s lives.

All Modern Pilates mat classes are taught by Wendy Jordan, a qualified CYQ Level 3 Modern Pilates Teacher, or one of her associated qualified teachers.

Our classes are ideal for adults of all ages (18+), but especially beneficial for ages 40+ to help maintain strength and flexibility as we get older. You will work your whole body with gentle low impact exercises to mobilise your joints and spine. You will also work on bone loading and balance which is particularly beneficial as we get older.

  • For adults 18+
  • Groups
  • 1 to 1 sessions
  • Low impact
  • Stay mobile
  • Strengthen body
  • Aid recovery

Modern Pilates is a unique pilates method with a ‘Clinical’ approach, which has been updated along with modern sports science and research. This makes classes suitable for all, including those with conditions such as Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis etc. It is also suitable for those with Spinal Conditions such as slipped disks (disk prolapse), Scoliosis, Facet joint dysfunction etc.

Our customers come to keep fit, enhance their sports performance for running, tennis, badminton, golf, swimming and cycling to name a few, or they use pilates technique to aid their recovery from surgery, illness or injury.

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Pilates classes are offered in small groups or on a private basis (either one to one or in pairs). Pre-booking for all sessions is essential.