About Flow Pilates in Stourbridge

We love Pilates at Flow Pilates!!!

We love to share our passion for Pilates with others and to see the amazing transformation it brings to people’s lives!

Wendy Jordan began her pilates training with Modern Pilates (Professional Fitness Education) in 2008, having spent over 20 years working in the Fitness Industry as a Fitness/Aerobics Instructor.

Fitness has always been her passion and when she discovered Modern Pilates at the International Fitness Showcase in Blackpool, as it was being presented by leading UK teacher Cherry Baker, she knew that this was the route that she was destined to take.

Modern Pilates provides a unique clinical approach to pilates exercise. It has been developed by working extensively with physiotherapists, physiologists and qualified pilates educationalists. It is an up-to-date, scientific and educationally sound method based upon the original works of the late Joseph Pilates. The exercises have been devised by leading Physiotherapist Christopher Norris and Cherry Baker.

This has led Modern Pilates to be one of the most inspirational forms of Pilates and a highly-respected training organisation in the UK.

Pilates differs from many traditional exercise programmes as it focuses both on strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight areas (often in the same exercise).  Its focus is on good posture and form and is often quoted as ‘intelligent exercise’.  Many of the postural problems we encounter today are down to our modern lifestyle.  Sitting for prolonged periods at computers and in office chairs is just one example in the cause of imbalance and pain.  There are also genetic and injury related conditions that can be helped using the Pilates method.

The Modern Pilates programme is designed to develop balance throughout the body and build strong stable muscles that are also correctly aligned.  The essence of the progamme is on precision, not repetition or momentum.  It addresses trunk stability, shoulder girdle stabilisation, maintenance of the natural alignment and form of the spine along with correct muscle recruitment.

Benefits of Modern Pilates

  • Greater muscle strength and endurance improving physical ability
  • Increased mobility and flexibility along with better posture and movement quality
  • A reduction in stress levels, improved sleep patterns and weight management
  • Improves the function of the lungs and circulation
  • Helps to improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Reduction in pain
  • Reduction in recovery time with a repetitive strain injury
  • Opportunity to practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques 

Pilates is particularly beneficial to midlife women who are reaching peri-menopause and the menopause, so much so that we are currently developing a Pilates course specifically for the menopause which will include talks, information and support, as well as pilates to help you navigate this transition smoothly (email us for details, starting January 2022).

Wendy teaches a weekly timetable of Modern Pilates classes on Zoom and at Glove House, Bradley Road, Stourbridge.

Classes are only run in small groups (maximum of 12) and to ensure that you get the best out of each session.

Private tuition, either on a one-to-one basis or in pairs, can be booked at pre-arranged times throughout the week to suit.

Pilates Qualifications

Wendy holds the following pilates qualifications (all training completed with Professional Fitness Education in Modern Pilates):

  • CYQ Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates
  • Pilates on the Ball
  • Progressive Matwork 1 (Advanced)
  • Spinal Conditions (back care)
  • Specialist Pilates for Hip & Knee conditions
  • Diagnostic Pilates 1 – Postural Assessment and Shoulder stability
  • Yoga As Therapy Course by Dr Chris Norris PHD, MCSP – May 2017
  • APPI ‘Pilates for Runners’ – May 2018
  • The Hog Training with Tracey Gjertsen – June 2019
  • Diamond Pilates Instructor – Pilates Pelvic Health Coach – June 2022

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